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Wow, I have some serious catching up to do. I only went and left my polaroid in my dad’s car whilst he wen away working in London -.- Just got it back finally! So I need to do some serious shooting now to make up for it


So sorry about lack of updates recently!!! As is the case with all university students everywhere, I am utterly broke and have not been able to afford more film. But all is not lost! As I’ve just been payed for a shoot I did and am back in business :D So expect lots of posting to make up for it all :)


Day 21: The Sky’s Still Blue


 I was having a rather bad day when I found this old polaroid, taken back when I first started using them, and for some reason it cheered me up. So I decided to write this on it as a reminder that no matter what happens, it will always look up eventually 🙂

Photography and the Everyday


This is just a little post to introduce what this blog is going to be about and feature.

I have recently started a project at uni called Photography and the Everyday, where we are required to take pictures every single day, effectively documenting our day to day lives. We can use any and all photographic equipment and methods, and the whole idea is to open our minds to the endless photographic possibilities all around us.

I am really looking forward for starting this project and posting the images on here, and I hope the results will be interesting 🙂