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Day 55: My Obsession


This was taken the day after I came home from Mallorca and before I went into hospital. I had started unpacking and I noticed just how many shoes I actually have. And this isn’t even half of them! I adore shoes and have pretty much every colour, shape and style going. These are all of my flat shoes, as they are the only thing I can wear now, and I also have a huge collection of heels. Before I got bad with my disease, I used to wear heels pretty much everyday and I really do miss wearing them. As daft as it sounds, hey were part of my visual identity in a way, and not being able to wear them anymore really upset me and still does a bit now. But hey, at least I still have an ample amount of fabulous flats to keep me going 🙂


Day 53: Graffiti and Fireplaces


These were once again taken in Palma on my last day before flying home. The first was taken in a gorgeous cafe called Cappuccino where I’d had to retreat into due to it hail stoning! That’s right, it was actually hail stoning in Mallorca! At Easter! It had been drab weather all day and was rather chilly, but all of a sudden the heavens opened and pelted it down! I had to wheel myself towards the cafe whilst trying to cover all my cameras whilst also getting pummelled with really quite painful hail stones! It was wonderful to make it inside and find an empty seat by the fire, so I got myself a very large coffee and stayed there until the weather improved. It was lovely 🙂

The second is later on in the day once the weather improved greatly and is of my brother posing next to some of the fantastic graffiti in Palma. This was in a really artistic area and it was full of galleries, all of which I eagerly checked out, and had lots of very artistic and tastefully placed graffiti that I continued to capture until I left. I adore it when it’s done well 🙂

Day 52: Performers in Palma


These were also taken in Palma a couple of days later and are of three brilliant street performers that I see often. I was sat outside having a coffee in one of my favourite cafes and they came and sat down on the benches just across for it and started entertaining us all. They really are good and such massive characters. They weren’t put off by me taking pictures of them at all, in fact they were really excited by it and kept posing and making me take more. Then they asked for one of the polaroids to keep and I happily obliged as they had been so lovely 🙂 They kept us all entertained with their great music for about half an hour before going on their merry way 🙂

Day 51: Beautiful Palma


Wow, I once again have so much catching up to do! Over Easter I was away in beautiful Mallorca for nearly a week at the start of it, and then when I came home I was in hospital for the rest of it! Both without internet! It was torture! Then I was back at uni with all the constant busyness it entails and have just not had time to upload all of the polaroids I’ve been taking. But never mind, I’ll just have to have a massive upload now 🙂

These were taken in Palma, my favourite city on earth. It’s just so stunning and has the most wonderful atmosphere to it. Whenever I visit I find something new that just re-enforces how much I adore it. i just cannot wait to move there after university and start setting up my studio and gallery 🙂

Day 40: My baby boys!


These are my two gorgeous Pugs, Sid and Alfie 🙂 They’re both brothers from the same litter, but we got Sid first and then adopted Alfie later as he was being bullied by the other dogs where he was living. My parents got me Sid as a present for Christmas, as well as to bring some happiness back to my life. I had just recently been diagnosed with my illness and was stuck in a wheelchair, so they got me the most beautiful, happy, hyperactive and loving puppy I’ve ever seen. True enough it worked wonders and no matter what’s up with me, he always cheers me up 🙂 Alfie is just the same and I love them both to pieces 🙂

Day 36: Pub Lunch


So Gemma, Chimane and I decided we’d go for a nice pub lunch after our lectures yesterday. We went to The Adelphi, a great pub on campus that is ace for students and ended up spending most of the afternoon there 🙂

It was lovely to have a nice chill out with the girlies and I love going to pubs. They are one of the best places to people watch, as Gemma caught me doing on the last shot, and I love the smell and the chatter. It’s really strangely relaxing 🙂