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Day 53: Graffiti and Fireplaces


These were once again taken in Palma on my last day before flying home. The first was taken in a gorgeous cafe called Cappuccino where I’d had to retreat into due to it hail stoning! That’s right, it was actually hail stoning in Mallorca! At Easter! It had been drab weather all day and was rather chilly, but all of a sudden the heavens opened and pelted it down! I had to wheel myself towards the cafe whilst trying to cover all my cameras whilst also getting pummelled with really quite painful hail stones! It was wonderful to make it inside and find an empty seat by the fire, so I got myself a very large coffee and stayed there until the weather improved. It was lovely 🙂

The second is later on in the day once the weather improved greatly and is of my brother posing next to some of the fantastic graffiti in Palma. This was in a really artistic area and it was full of galleries, all of which I eagerly checked out, and had lots of very artistic and tastefully placed graffiti that I continued to capture until I left. I adore it when it’s done well 🙂