Monthly Archives: February 2012

Just a little note to say that I’m currently away for the weekend so will be unable to update until I get back. I will however, still be documenting everyday and shall upload them all when I get home :)


Day 17: University


 It only just occured to me today that I haven’t really taken many shots around my uni, so I decided to document my day.

The first was taken in the Victoria building, where the art/photography/fashion and tech subjects are.  This shows some drawings from the current exhibition in the building that really caught my eye. It also came out with a really weird smudge of colour and I have no idea why.

The second is the colourful side wall of my local and most visited coffee shop, The Equator Cafe. It’s my favourite spot on the uni campus and it would be a crime not to document it. I didn’t however, want to be obvious and take a picture from the front where the name could be seen. I don’t really know why if I’m honest, but I think it makes it more personal to me because even though it doesn’t have the name or anything obviously showing what this building is, I know what it is. It makes it more mine.

Day 16: The Dentist!!


Originally I wasn’t going to take my camera to the dentist with me, as I didn’t think they’d be much there worth shooting, as well as the fact I knew I’d be a bit preoccupied being scared to death! However, I then thought that the whole point of this projects is to try and show the beauty in things that aren’t particularly beautiful or interesting on first glance. So, with terror in my heart and a new pack of film in my Polaroid 300, I headed off for my appointment.

This shot was taken in the waiting room before my appointment, and as I was being glared at by both patients and receptionist a like, I decided not to chance sneeking any candids of them and istead focus on my surroundings, and not the noise of the drills in the next room…

In the end, this was the only shot I took, as I wasn’t allowed to take any in the actual room, but I actually feel as though this sums up the whole experience quiet well, whilst also evoking many memories of my years coming to the dentist with for my braces.

Day 15: Beyond My Reach


I’ve been off once again due to illness and in an attempt to get some fresh air, I went outside to my garden. This is a shot of the trees I used to climb as a kid and I have many fond memories of my brother and I timing who could climb the fastest, as well as my mum shouting at us from the kitchen window. It was sort of bitter sweet though, remembering all that, as it reminds me just how much I can’t ever do again due to my condition. Normally I try not to think about things like that, but seeing as I was fed up over being ill, I guess I just couldn’t help it. Never mind though aye, at least I can still capture everything 🙂

Day 14: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room


Today I took my brother and his girlfriend out on a shoot in a local run down barn in the village. I mostly shot with digital and 35mm but I took these to document the day. The theme of the shoot was Slow Dancing in a burning Room and was inspired by the song of the same name. It’s basically about how if you hold together you can stay strong, despite the world going to shit around you. I’ve also included one of the edited shots from the shoot as well.

Day 12: New Uni Lecture


Today we had a new lecture with a guy called Adam, who I convinced to let me get a shot of him. Although I was thoroughly gutted at the loss of my Friday lie in, it’s actually really very useful and I think it’s going to help a lot. I also found this funny character on the board and it just made me giggle so I thought I’d capture it 🙂